ORNITHOLOGICAL NOTES, 1937-38. By GEOFFREY C. S. INGRAM, M.B.O.U., AND H. MORREY SALMON, M.C., M.B.O.U. The following are records of unusual or interesting occur- rences:- HOODED CROW, Corvus c. cornix L. One was seen on the north side of the Garth Mountain, January 1st, 1938 (J.E.B.). HAWFINCH, Coccothraustes c. coccothraustes (L.) Indi- viduals have been recorded previously in the Roath Park, Cardiff, in 1936 and 1937, and one was observed there by Mr. J. E. Beckerlegge on April 14th, 1938. None of the records, however, relate to the breeding season of this species which is May and June and it is unlikely that they nested there. SISKIN, Carduelis spinus (L.) Three seen in Candleston Woods, Merthyr Mawr, November 10th, 1937 (B.S.B.) LESSER REDPOLL, Carduelis f. cabaret (P. L. S. Mull.) A pair nested in the garden of Mr. J. Grimes' house in Tydraw Road, Cardiff, and reared two broods in June and July, 1938. Brambling, Fringilia montifringilla L. Several were present at Aberthaw on October 17th, 1937 (T.H.W.). BRITISH NUTHATCH, Sitta e. affinis Blyth. A pair was seen near Bridgend early in April, 1938, but they did not remain to breed (L.J.B.). BRITISH Willow-Tit, Parus a. kleinschmidti Hellm. We watched a bird, unmistakably of this species, under the most favourable conditions of lighting and at close quarters at Llanishen, on March 6th, 1938; two were observed at the same place on March 13th, 1938, but they were apparently immigrants that did not remain to breed, for a careful search of the neighbourhood during the following weeks failed to discover them again. These are the first records of this species in the country.