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FURTHER CHAPTERS IN THE HISTORY OF GEOLOGY IN SOUTH WALES; Sir H. T. de la Beche and the Geological Survey. By F. J. NORTH, D.Sc., F.G.S. Page 1. Foreword 32 EARLY GEOLOGICAL MAPS AND SURVEYS 2. Early geological maps, official and otherwise 33 3. De la Beche proposes collaboration with the Ordnance Survey 42. 4. A Geological Survey of South Wales proposed 45 5. De la Beche on the "economical advantages" of Geological maps 47 John Smeaton and Aberthaw lime 48- Sir R. I. Murchison and the Ordnance Survey Maps 49 THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY IN SOUTH WALES 6. William Edmond Logan 51 7. A matter of finance 53 8. De la Beche looks for assistance 58 Henry McLauchlan, 59 9. Appointing a staff 63 David Hiram Williams, 67-Mining ventures and the Survey, 69-Henry William Bristow, 69-john Phillips, 73-Andrew Crombie Ramsay, 78-Transport and hospitality, 80. PROGRESS AND EXPANSION 10. An Office in London 82 John Macculloch and a Scottish Map, 85 11. The preparation of Maps and Sections 86 Large scale maps wanted for the South Wales Survey, 91-A small 'scale general map proposed, 94-The Museum of Economic Geology, 96 12. A Proposal to extend the Survey 97 Expected duration of the Survey, 99 13. Conclusion 101