BIOLOGICAL AND GEOLOGICAL SECTION. REPORT OF THE FORTY-SIXTH SESSION, 1932-3. Officers and Committee. THE PRESIDENT AND HON. SECRETARY OF THE C.N.S. (ex officio) Miss ELEANOR VACHELL, F.L.S. (President). Mr. H. M. HALLETT, F.R.E.S. (Past President). Mr. JOHN GRIMES, M.B.E. (Past President). Mr. T. W. PROGER, F.Z.S. (Past President). Mr. G. C. S. INGRAM, M.B.O.U. (Past President). Mr. H. M. SALMON, M.C. (Past President). Mr. MORLEY NEALE. Mr. JOHN REES, B.A., B.Sc. Mr. H. A. HYDE, M.A., F.L.S. Mr. COLIN MATHESON, M.A., B.Sc. DR. F. J. NORTH, F.G.S. Mr. W. E. HOWARTH, F.G.S. Mr. L. F. CowLEY, M.Sc. Prof. W. M. TATTERSALL, D.Sc. Mr. H. EDGAR SALMON, F.Z.S. (Hon. Treasurer). Mr. F. NORTON (Hon. Secretary). The number of members at the end of the session was 109. Eight new members had been elected during the session and four resignations received, whilst in March the Section lost through death Mr. Evan W. Small, one of its Honorary Members, making a net gain of three. Eight ordinary meetings were held with an average attendance of 32. The meetings held were 1932. Nov. 10th. Presidential Address: Kenfig Burrows and a few additions to the Glamorgan Flora -Miss E. Vachell, F.L.S. Nov. 24th. Report on Flat Holm Excursion "-Messrs. H. M. Hallett, F.R.E.S., H. A. Hyde, M.A., F.L.S., G. C. S. Ingram, M.B.O.U., H. M. Salmon, M.C., A. E. Wade, F.L.S., Gerald R. Willan and E. C. W. Owen, F.C.A.