them to Colonel Philip Jones. His descendant Robert Jones, of Fonmon, disposed of them at the end of the 18th century, and the manors again became separated, Wrinstone passing to the Jenner estate and Michaelston to the Rous family. Of Wrencheston castle, long described as in ruins, no traces are to be seen beyond disturbed ground on the site now occupied by Wrinston farm buildings. Near Wenvoe there are ruins said to be of Walston castle. On the opposite bank of the brook, a little south of Wrinstone, more tangible evidence of a medieval building is embodied in the farm- house of Bovehill or Bovill (now labelled "Beauville," in bad French, on the modern map), in the parish of St. Andrews. Its purport and history are alike unknown, unless the division of the great lordship of Dinas Powis into two moieties in the 14th century implied also the necessity of a second castle.