ENTOMOLOGICAL NOTES, 1928. By H. H. HALLETT, F.E.S., AND F. NORTON. In spite of the fact that the Meteorological returns, as published earlier in this volume, show that the average rainfall was greater during 1928 than for many years, the summer was by far the most favourable of any since 1921, and collecting was more productive in consequence. HYMENOPTERA ACULEATA. Andrena hattorfiana, Fab. This fine species turned up again in the Lavernock district, where it last appeared in 1922 it is gratifying to find that the long succession of unfavourable seasons has not exterminated it. Bombus lapponicus, Fab. The occurrence of a worker on the sandhills at Porthcawl on 16th July was quite unexpected, as it is an inhabitant of mountain districts and attached to heather and bilberry. The following species are all additions to the County list, though some were taken in time to be included in the complete list published in the last Volume. Colletes succincta, L. Plentiful on heather at the Welsh St. Donats ponds on 3rd September. Andrena apicata, Sm. Two females were taken on sallow catkins at Castell Coch on 9th April. Andrena similis, Sm. Two females from a small colony at Castell Coch on 28th May, visiting the flowers of broom. Bombus jonellus, K. One male and one worker on heather at Welsh St. Donats on 3rd September. Pemphredon sp. The capture of two examples at Swanbridge on 24th June and 1st July, was recorded in Vol. LX as P. wesmaeli, Mor., but this identification was not correct, and the record must be withdrawn. Crossocerus anxius, Wesm. One male was taken at Sketty by Dr. W. J. Fordham on 3rd August, 1925. Ponera coarctata, Latr. Two females were taken under bark at the Llandough saw mills, probably introduced in pitwood. COLEOPTERA. It is hoped to publish shortly a full account of the additions made to the list of Glamorgan beetles since the publication of The Coleoptera of Glamorgan," by J. R. le B. Tomlin, M.A., in these Transactions some years ago, but the occurrence of the following extremely rare beetle is worth special notice. Staphylinus fulvipes, Scop. Two examples of this beautiful beetle occurred at Castell Coch on 28th May.