BIOLOGICAL AND GEOLOGICAL SECTION. REPORT ON THE 36TH SESSION, 1922-1923. COMMITTEE. THE PRESIDENT AND HON. SECRETARY OF THE C.N.S. (ex-officio). R. W. ATKINSON, B.Sc., F.I.C., F.C.S. (President). H. M. HALLETT, F.E.S. (Vice President). Miss ELEANOR VACHELL, F.L.S. Professor A. HUBERT Cox, D.Sc., Ph.D., F.G.S. GEOFFREY C. S. INGRAM, M.B.O.U. F. J. NORTH, D.Sc., F.G.S. F. NORTON. JAS. J. SIMPSON, M.A., D.Sc. JOHN GRIMES, Joint Hon. Secretaries for Field F. F. MISKIN, A.I.C., F.G.S. J Walks. H. EDGAR SALMON, F.Z.S. (Hor. Treasurer). S. E. JENKINS (Hon. Secretary). The number of members on the books at the end of the Session was 139, including four honorary members, a net increase of twenty-three, as compared with last year, twenty-eight new members having been elected. During the Session the Section has sutained a severe loss, by the death of Emeritus Professor William Newton Parker, Ph.D., F.Z.S., who had been a member of the Section since its inception in 1887, its Hon. Secretary, and for many years its President. In addition, four members have resigned or removed. Mr. H. Morrey Salmon, M.C., resigned the office of Hon. Secretary on 7th December, 1922. He had held this office since November, 1919, and the Committee record their apprecia- tion of his valuable services to the Section. Mr. Stanley E. Jenkins was elected Hon. Secretary in his stead. During the course of the Session eight meetings, including one at the National Museum of Wales, were held, with an average attendance of thirty-three. Also two Field Meetings, the first on 2nd June, when seventy-five members and friends of this Section and the Photographic Section visited Steep Holm, and the second on 12th July, when the Little Valley, near Craig-yr-allt, was visited.