ORNITHOLOGICAL NOTES, 1920-1921. By GEOFFREY C. S. INGRAM AND H. MORREY SALMON. Though the winter of 1920-21 was, with the exception of a sharp spell of frost about the 16th-19th December, very mild, a number of interesting winter visitors were recorded. The following are the most noteworthy records made during the year SISKIN, Carduelis spinus (L.). We saw a small flock of about a dozen in the Roath Park, feeding on the alders, on November 28th, 1920. LESSER REDPOLL, Carduelis linaria cabaret (P. L. S. Mull). An exceptionally large flock, which we estimated at 100/200 birds, was noted in the alders in the Roath Park on Novem- ber 21st, 1920. WHOOPER SWAN, Cygnus cygnus (L.). A flock of eight was seen at Kenfig on March 6th, 1921. PINTAIL, Anas acuta acuta L. Two J and one ? were seen on the same date as the last mentioned. Both species are of rather infrequent occurrence in the district. SCAUP, Nyroca marila marila (L.). One ? was seen on the Roath Park Lake on December 12th, 1920, and three$ on the 19th of the same month. This species seldom visits inland waters. SMEW, Mergus albellus L. On December 19th, 1920, a ? in immature plumage appeared on the Roath Park Lake and remained there for three months, being last seen on March 19th, 1921. Another, also an immature$, was noted on Kenfig Pool on March 6th, 1921. GANNET, Sula bassana (L.). One, seen off the Steep Holm, July 18th, 1921 (Miss Acland).