The following exhibits were made and commented on:- Nov. 2, 1916. By J. DAVY DEAN. A new British Land-shell, Helicella neglecta, from Kent. By JOHN GRIMES. A branch of Weigela rosea, also a Lizard caught on the East Moors. Dec. 14, 1916. By JOHN GRIMES. Paris quadrifolia, showing abnormal features. Jan. 18, 1916. By JOHN GRIMES. Fronds of Polystichum, showing bulbils growing on the base of the stalk. Feb. 15, 1917. By JOHN GRIMES. A portion of the Ash tree, showing grafting. A photograph of Elm planks, showing the trunk had twice been broken during the life of the tree. By HAROLD EVANS. Leeches of large size obtained from waterlogged soil at Llanishen. By H. E. SALMON. A beautiful bird's nest from the Salonica district. Mar. 15, 1917. By JOHN GRIMES. A portion of a honeycomb, found attached to a piece of wood in the centre of a hedge. By H. E. SALMON. A mole-cricket from the Salonica district. Mr. H. M. Hallett's resignation of the office of Honorary Secretary has meant a considerable. loss to the Section. Mr. Hallett was forced to take this course owing to the call to Military Service, and the Committee had no alternative but to accept the resignation. Mr. Hallett's long record of work is very highly appreciated by all, and is expressed by the members in their letter, preserved in the Minute Book.