BIOLOGICAL AND GEOLOGICAL SECTION. REPORT FOR THE 30TH SESSION. 1916-17. COMMITTEE. THE PRESIDENT AND HON. SECRETARY OF THE C.N.S. (ex-officio). Professor T. FRANKLIN SIBLY, D.Sc. (President). Professor W. N. PARKER, Ph.D. (Vice-President. F. J. NORTH, B.Sc., F.G.S. H. E. SALMON. H. M. SALMON. ERNEST HEATH, F.R.M.S. J. J. NEALE, J.P. R. W. A. SOUTHERN (Hon. Treasurer). H. M. HALLETT, F.E.S. (Hon. Secretary). The number of members on the Society's books at the time of the Annual Meeting was 77, of which four were elected during the Session. At the end of September, 1917, the number was 69, including 16 members on Service with the Colours. There have been four resignations, three struck off the roll, and one loss by death—J. H. Phillips, Penarth. In the course of the Session, five Ordinary Meetings and the Annual Meeting (April 19th, 1917) have been held and have been well attended. The following papers have been read:- Nov. 2, 1916. H. M. HALLETT, F.E.S., Entomological Notes, 1916." Dec. 14, 1916. T. FRANKLIN SIBLY, D.Sc., F.G.S. Geo- logical Photographs." Jan. 18, 1917. ERNEST HEATH, F.R.M.S. Shells other than the Mollusca." Feb. 15, 1917. W. EVANS HOYLE, M.A., D.Sc. Zoological Nomenclature." Mar. 15, 1917. F. J. NORTH, B.Sc. The British Isles in Carboniferous Times."