THE ECCLESIASTICAL BUILDINGS OF LLANTWIT MAJOR. By JOHN W. RODGER, MEMBER SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS. Having been associated with the work of repairing Llantwit Major Parish Church between the years 1899 and 1905, it was with pleasure that I acceded to the request of the Committee of the Archaeological Section of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society to write an account of this interesting church. As the whole of the church, with the exception of the Lady Chapel, is now in sound repair, it is probable that no further developments will take place during this century at least, and it is indeed questionable whether anything more remains to be discovered, so thoroughly has the work of the past few years been done. Any further knowledge must be gained by excavations in the churchyard, and by the exploration of the sites of the ancient buildings to the north and west. In 1899, foundations were discovered adjoining the South Porch on its eastern side, but they could not be traced to any extent owing to the numerous graves in the vicinity. The same difficulty presents itself in every other direction where remains of buildings might be expected, so that if any early foundations have escaped destruction at the hands of the grave- digger, which is doubtful, the churchyard must, for the present, be looked upon as a sealed book. The sites of the buildings outside the churchyard offer a more hopeful field of research, but so far as I know, no serious attempt has yet been made to dig up the treasures which they may possess. It is, however, my earnest hope that some day in the near future, we shall see these foundations uncovered, either through the generosity of some private individual, or at