MONUMENTS OF THE PRE-NORMAN PERIOD RECENTLY DISCOVERED IN BRECONSHIRE. By T. H. THOMAS, R.C.A. Our members are well aware of the series of casts of monu- ments of the Pre-Norman Period which have been commissioned by the Committee of the Cardiff Welsh Museum, and have been in course of execution for several years at a cost large, but historically and artistically, remunerative. This work may be legitimately a source of pride to the citizens of Cardiff; probably no other municipal Museum has carried out a scheme of the kind, namely, to bring together a complete series of the ancient monuments of its region, in this case the whole of Wales, so that the students of the epoch may be able, when the assemblage is complete, to see at a glance the whole field, and compare and collate everything in Cambrian epigraphy and decorative sculpture remaining from that most interesting period of Welsh history. This work, truly national in its nature, will it is to be hoped be expedited now that the Museum becomes national in name. The Committee has been aided by generous gifts, which have been acknowledged elsewhere. During the last year, Miss Thomas, of Llwynmadoc, has most generously promised to defray the cost of moulding monuments of the County of Brecknock. The practical work is in the skilful hands of Mr. W. Clarke, of Llandaff. The commission included not only the moulding and casting of known monuments, but the search for any as yet undiscovered or forgotten. Here Mr. Clarke has been signally successful, nothing seems to escape his eye, and we now consider a few of the results of a most successful season's work, during which not only previously known monuments have been