Binlngital anir Ceologirat Serttntt. REPORT FOR THE 14TH SESSION, I90I-2. COMMITTEE: The PRESIDENT and HON. SEC. of the C.N.S. (ex officio). T. H. THOMAS, R.C.A., President. D. R. PATERSON, M.D. W. W. PETTIGREW. T. H." TROW, D.Sc., } Hon. Secs. for Field Walks. W. N. PARKER, PH.D., Hon. Sec. The number of members at the close of last session was- 49;. The section wishes to express its sense of the heavy loss it has sustained in the death of Mr. John Storrie, one of its most valued original members. Six ordinary meetings were held during the session, including one (on Feb. 8th) in conjunction with the Cardiff Medical Society. The following papers were read:- 1900. Oct. 4. A. H. TROW, D.Sc.-Exhibition of and remarks upon seedlings of Lilium candidum raised from seeds in Penarth. R. DRANE, F.L.S.-Exbibition of and remarks upon (a) Fruits of the Avocado or Alligator-Pear (Persea gratissima) and Mango (Mangifera indica) and (b) Living specimens of Ophioglossum vulgatum var. polyphyllum collected at Harlech and cultivated in Cardiff. Nov. 15. J. J. NEALE-(a) Remarks on a trip recently made to Grassholm and Skomer; and (b) Habitats of some rare Alpine plants in the Snowdon district: both illustrated by lantern slides. Dec 6. T. W. PROGER-Notes on rare Mammals and Birds, etc. recently observed or obtained in the neighbourhood. W. N. PARKER, PH.D.-The evolution of Song in Birds.