For Teachers in Welsh Schools CYFRES Y CYMRY BYCHAIN Wedi eu hargraffu ar bapur da, mewn llythyren fras, ac yn cynnwys darluniau deniadol GAN ESTHER H. EVANS Prif Athrawes Ysgol Twynyrodyn, Merthyr Tydfil. Gradd I Y Tri Ci Drwg Gradd II Shoni Moni Heulwen Fach y Plas a Jac a'r Ddewines Gradd III Y Tri Darn Arian Wedi eu rhwymo mewn manila. Pris 9c. yr un. Cyhoeddir eraill yn fuan. BLACKIE A'I FAB (GYFYNGEDIG) 50 Old Bailey, Llundain a Glasgow. You Have a Chance (A) To receive immediately the foUowing stimulating literature:— Julian S. Huxley's Stream of Life. Sir Arthur Keith's Darwinism and What It Implies. H. G. Wells's Mr. Belloc Objects to The Outline of History." Hon. John Collier's Religion ofan Artist. Leonard Darwin's What is Eugenics? C. E. M. Joad's Meaning of Life. Sir Arthur Keith's Concerning Man's Origin, Dr. Edward Greenly's The Earth: Its Nature and History. Dennis Hird's Easy Outline of Evolution. The Rationalist Annual for 1931, containing lengthy articles by Sir ARTHUR KEITH, PROF. J. B. S. HALDANE, PROF. H. J. LASKI, LLEWELYN POWYS, C. E. M. JOAD, and others. (B) To attend the evening lectures and discussions which are held in Central London from October to March. Among the speakers are:- Prof. H. J. Laski, Rt. Hon. J. M. Robertson, E. Thurtle, M.P., Sir Ernest Benn, Mrs. A. Williams-Ellis, Capt. Eckersley, H. W. Nevinson, Prof. Morris Ginsberg, G. D. H. Cole, Sir W. Ray, L.C.C., Hamilton Fyfe, Dr. Marie Stopes, etc. (C) To enjoy the other privileges of member- ship of the R.P.A., including the receipt each month to the end of 1931 of a copy of the Literary Guide," the use of the Lending Library, etc. ALL for 1 0s. Complete the Application Form given below, and send to-day, with P.O. for Ten Shillings. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP To the Secretary, The Rationalist Press Association Llmited, Nos. 4-6 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Dear Sir,—I desire to become a Member of the Rationalist Press Association Limited, and endose herewith my subscription of 10s. for the years 1930 and 1931. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Associatlon as set forth in the Memorandum and.Articles of Association. Please wrlte In block letters. NАМЕ. [If lady, state whether Mrs. or Miss] ADDRESS OCCUPATION. DATE. SIGNATURE. SIX POINT GROUP DEBATE CENTRAL HALL, WESTMINSTER NOVEMBER 7th. 8-30. p.m. Resolved that my political party has the best attitude towards women as expressed both in word and in deed." Labour Miss ELLEN WILKINSON, M.P. Conservative Hon. MARY PICRFORD, C.B.E. Liberal Dr. BETTY MORGAN. Ticket* 2/6 Reseroed. 1/- Unreserved. From the Organising Secretary, Six Pofnt Group, 92. Victoria Street. S.W.l Don't Send Maney. Pay the Postman. BENSON & CO., DISPENSING CHEMISTS, 146, Great Portland St., London, W. 1 PurestDrugs usedln the preparationof Physicians'Prescriptione BRAND'S SPECIALITIES FOR INYALIDS; ALL KODAK PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES. Proprietors of Hyperlon Olive Frult 011 and Borogen Mouthwash Tablets. Telephone—MUSEUM 5917. Pharmacist—JOHN PHILLIPS. BOARD RES I DENCE FOR GENTLEMEN. House newly decorated and furnished with every comfort and modern convenience. Constant hot water, telephone, garden, etc. Bed and breakfast if required. Opposite Brondesbury Met. Station. Buses 16, 60 and 142 pass door. For terms apply to— Mbs. THOMAS, 4, SHOOT-UP-HILL, N.W.2. Phone: WUlesden 3064. FFURFLEN ORDRO ORDER FORM Y FORD GRON 6ch. FETTER HOUSE 7g. y y mis FETTER LANE flwyddyn (7c. trwy'r LANE drwy'r post). LLUNDAIN, E.C.4 post. Rhoddwch hwn i'ch Hand this to your llyfrwerthwr neu ei newsagent or return it anfon gyda thâl i'r with remittance to the cyfeiriad uchod. above address. Anfonwch Y FoRD GRON imi am mis. (Please send me Y FORD GRON for months.) Dyma i chwi bostal ordor (neu cheque) am (1 enclose remittance value. herewith.) Enw (Name) Cyfeiriad (Address)