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13 PRO, SP34/8 ff.50, Riot in Abergavenny, 17 October 1706, Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to Secretary Hedges. 14 Gwent County Record Office, D874 92. Vestry Minutes for St Mary's, Abergavenny. A William Powell is mentioned as a churchwarden on 11 April 1713 and on 10 October 1714. The warden mentioned on 18 April 1715 is specifically identified as William Powell of the Cow. The other churchwarden appointed on that date was John Nott of the Greyhound. 15 J.A. Houlding, Fit For Service, The training of the British Army, 1715-1795, (Oxford, 1981), p. 117. Houlding considers that most of the terms of the Act 18 Geo.11, c.12. also applied to the earlier Acts of Anne 2&3, c. 19, etc. 16 NLW, MS 10893E, includes a presentment by Richard Williams, petty constable, of Popish recusants in Monkstreet ward in the town of Abergavenny in 1709. There were twenty seven known Catholics in this ward alone. 17 J. Kenyon, The Popish Plot, (London, 2000), p.245. Charles Price became sheriff of Monmouthshire in 1690, see J.A. Bradney, A history of Monmouthshire, (London, 1904-33), 1(2b), p.361. 18 J.A. Bradney, A history of Monmouthshire, (London, 1904-33), 1(2a)l p.160. 19 See R. Allen, 'Catholic records in the attic. Details of everyday life found in the seventeenth century Catholic household of the Gunter family of Abergavenny', Gwent Local History, 86, (Spring 1999), pp. 17-30, for a description of the Gunter family of Cross Street. 20 See G.W. Gunter, 'Pedigree of the family of Gunter of Abergavenny and London', Gwent Local History, 69, (Autumn 1990), p. 10, for the relationships between the Gunter family of the Priory and the Gunter family of Cross Street 21 J. Kenyon, The Popish Plot, (London, 2000), p.205. See the Dictionary of National Biography (2004 edn.) for Richard C. Allen's biographical notes on Saint David Lewis, Fr Philip Evans, Fr John Lloyd and the Arnold family of Llanfihangel Cruconrney. David Lewis, Philip Evans and John Lloyd were canonized by Pope Paul VI on 25 October 1970. 22 J. Kenyon, The Popish Plot, (London, 2000), p.218, p.246. 23 J.A. Bradney, A history of Monmouthshire, (London, 1904-33), 1(2a), pp.215, 219. It is unclear from Bradney as to when John Dutton Colt inherited Llanfihangel Court but his uncle John Arnold fought a county election in 1701 and died sometime in 1702. See NLW, Kemeys Tynte, 2, C412, 10 Jan. 1701, John Arnold to Sir Charles Kemeys, and DNB.