directed intelligence and forbearance in the discharge of their respective duties this commendable state of the prison is mainly attributable. From April 1st, 1878, visiting committees of justices for the County Gaol were appointed annually, and their reports were presumably forwarded to the newly formed Prison Commission, whose records are now to be found at Kew in Surrey. Certainly there is little of note concerning Usk County Gaol after this date in the Gwent Record Office. The Author Brian Foster lives in Abersychan and is an established historian of the area. He has published several books on the Eastern Valley focussing mainly on its industrial and social history. His article on the Abersychan Ironworks 1827-1884 was published in this journal in the autumn 2001 issue (number 91). He is secretary of the Abersychan and Garndiffaith Local History Society. Sources of Information All the documents used in the compilation of this article are to be found in the Gwent Record Office at County Hall, Croesyceiliog, and the document reference numbers are as Follows: 1819 Plans of Old House of Correction Q C Bu 3 0001. 1824 Plan of Tread Wheel at Old House of Correction Q CG I 18. 1821 1834 Keeper's Book Old House of Correction Q CG 41. Proposed Plan of New House of Correction Q Bu 14 0005. 1855 Expenses for Conveyance of Prisoners Q CG 18 0103. 1871 Photographs of Prisoners Q CG 38. Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions Process Records Q PB 1. Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions Minute Books Q MB 1 to 0 MB 10. Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions Record Books Q RB 1 to Q RB 10. 1837 Information for need of a new House of Correction C Bu 13 0016. Information on Construction of New House of Correction Q S P & R 0021. Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions Papers and Reports 0 S P & R (various). Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions County Buildings Q CG (various). 1846 Tithe Map of Usk ( PI xvii ). References were also made to the following newspapers: Monmouthshire Merlin (from 1829 ) copies in Newport Reference Library. Star of Gwent (from 18 5 3 ) copies in Newport Reference Library. Pontypool Free Press (from 1859 ) copies in Gwent Record Office.