Monmouth Shire Hall: 1723 (Public Record Office. Assize 2/7.Crown Minute book 1720-1723 Oxford Circuit [No pagination]: 1723 Monmouth) Whereas it hath been frequently taken notice of by the Judges of Assizes for this circuit and by them given in charge to the Grand Juries for the Body of this County. That the Shire hall or place wherein the said Judges hold their respective courts hath been and still continues so ruinous dangerous and unhandsome a state and condition that their Lordships as well as others resorting thereto have been and are in Great Danger of their Lives in holding the Assizes therein. And whereas former Grand Juries as well as the Gentlemen of this present Grand Jury have been and are so very sensible of the Truth hereof that they unanimously express an earnest zeal and willingness either to erect and build a new Hall, or else so effectually to repair and support the present one, as that for the time to come there might be no occasion of any further complaint in relation thereto. Wherefore it is now ordered by this court that Henry Probert, Thomas Evans, Edmond Bray, Thomas Lewis, Thomas Price and Charles Van Esquires, Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid or any three of them have power and to from time to time assemble, consult, receive proposals and court att,for and about Rebuilding, repairing and maintaining the said present Hall, or else erecting and building of such new one in any other more convenient part of the Town as to them shall seem most meet, proper and commodious for that purpose. (Supplied by Richard Allen) Corrections to the map of Anglican & Nonconformist church buildings on page 6 of issue No 77 of this Journal The most southerly Anglican Church and Nonconformist Chapel symbols should be labelled "Caerleon" and "Castle Street(B)", respectively. The names "Llanfrechfa" and "The Gilwern (Ponthir)" should be positioned much nearer the Afon Lwyd alongside the Anglican Church symbol and small dot (with arrow), respectively.