The luxuriantly bearded David Powell, Rector of Llanvetherine 1578-1621. (Sketch by the author from David's tombstone). Once surnames become settled, family relationships are easier to trace. A number of Gwent incumbents had sons who followed them into the ministry, often in the same parish. List 4 gives twenty examples of vicars with clerical sons. Half of them are seen to have been succeeded by their offspring in the same parish. More extensive clerical relationships are exemplified by the Watkins and Addams Williams families. Richard Watkins, vicar of Llanelen from 1601 to 1639, was succeeded by his son Aaron. Aaron's own sons both became incumbents in their turn. John was Rector of Goytre; William, Vicar of Llanfapley. Over at Llangybi four members of the local gentry-John, Charles, Edward and Herbert Addams- Williams-provided the rectors between 1774 and 1925. Other relatives served as parish priests at Llandegfedd, Usk and Panteg.