Letters to the Editor Mrs Anna Tucker Editor Gwent Local History Hadlow Llanwenarth Citra Abergavenny NP7 7EY Dear Mrs Tucker, The Brecon Beacons National Park is currently cooperating with the Goetre Fawr Community Council and volunteers from Coed Glas School to improve access on the "Roman Road" in Mamhilad. The aim is firstly to remove the overgrown vegetation clear and where feasible reinstate blocked drains. The road has deteriorated greatly in the last year or so mainly due to erosion by water. We are considering whether areas of the paving can be relaid. Preparatory to this we commissioned a report by the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust on the road. It is their belief that the course of the road is medieval but that the paving is of a later date. They believe it is likely to have been laid around 1800 by the Hanbury estate, possibly to provide access for a tour of their grounds. The National Park and the Community Council are very interested in finding out more about the history of this road and, if possible, how it was constructed. I wondered, therefore, whether any of your members, their societies or your readers could shed light on this extremely interesting track. We are also interested in getting more volunteers to work on the track. If anyone is interested or knows of a group who might be, can they please contact me at the National Park Office in Brecon. Yours sincerely, A. MEIKLE Community Development Officer