1839). The 1st floor contained coffee room, 3 sitting rooms, ladies drawing room and ball room. Some relics from the Chartist Rising also decorate the corridors in the Hotel. The exterior of the building is built of stone from Abercarn the dressings coming from Selton. The building was very impressive for its period. 1886 On May 6th 1886 an Inauqural Banquet was held to mark the opening of the new Hotel. Speeches were made by the Mayor, Mr. E. J. Grice and by several gentlemen, members of the Westgate Hotel Company. For almost a hundred years the 'New Westgate Hotel has served the town of Newport as probably its main hotel-certainly its most well-known. From 1886 to the mid 1920's it remained in the hands of its original owners 'The Westgate Hotel Company', until it was sold 1923 to Trust House Forte in 1923, who were to remain the owners for almost sixty years. During this time the hotel was in 1951 severely damaged, when fire broke out and gutted the top storey of the hotel, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. 1981 In 1981 the hotel was once again sold, this time to Stockservices,