War. The link between Llanthony and Monmouth was further manifested when 'the scholars of this school have contributed the small sum of 4/6d towards the Hon. Rolls Memorial Monument which is sent off today'. It is pleasant to think that some minute portion of the statue of the pioneer flier which stands in Agincourt Square owes its being to the bemused children of Llanthony. No doubt in this day of mechanised farming and computer services the village school had to be transformed but the close link between the local people and 'their' school could never again be the same, and now it is but a memory for the few. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Knight, L. S. (1920) The Welsh Monasteries and their claims for the Education of Later Mediaeval Wales. Arch.Camb.s.6 xx 257. 2. Carlisle, M. (1818) A concise description of Endowed Grammar Schools in England and Wales. 3. Bradney, J. (1924) A history of the Free Grammar School in Llantilio Crosseny in Monmouthshire. 4. Correspondence of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge in Wales 1699-1737. Nat.Lib.Wales, Aberystwyth. 5. Jones, M. G. (1964) The Charity School Movement. 6. Gittins, C. E. (1963) Pioneers of Welsh Education. Swansea U.C.P. 7. Minute Book of Cwmyoy Lower School Board (1961) Record Off. C. Hall, Cwmbran. 8. Log Book Cwmyoy Upper School (1957) Record Off. C. Hall, Cwmbran.