GUIDANCE FOR CONTRIBUTORS It would greatly assist the Editor if those submitting articles for publication would comply with the following suggestions: 1 All articles submitted for consideration should be typed double spaced on A4 pages which should be numbered consecutively, with all references similarly numbered and gathered together at the end of the article. 2 References should give first the surname of the author followed by their initials, the title of the book referred to with its date of publication and the page number(s). If the reference is to an article in a Journal both the title of the article and the full name of the Journal, again with the date and page number(s) must be given. 3 Line drawings should not exceed 14 cm by 20 cm, the lines being drawn firmly and the lettering, if any, large enough to be easily legible in reproduction. Drawings should be referred to in the text as 'Figures' and must be numbered consecutively. 4 Photographs should be glossy, black and white prints. Each should be numbered and the text, if any, to be printed under them should be written on the back. Their position in the text should be indicated on the draft in which they should be referred to as 'Plates', again being numbered consecutively. 5 A short autobiographical note to accompany the article would be helpful.