course, is entirely due to the active local historians in Abergavenny, who just keep on writing! If you feel that your town or district has not been well represented in our pages recently, may I suggest that you get together with your local history society and write up some research! Perhaps the Journal can revive a competitive historical spirit between the different localities in Gwent. As this is Gwent Local History Journal Number 60 the Council has decided to publish a complete Index for the entire series. This will be compiled by both subject and name. It is being prepared by Miss M. Gibbens of the County Library. It will be available shortly under a separate cover. This is the 16th issue of the Journal which I have edited, and the last for which I am responsible. I would like to thank all those who have made the task so interesting by contributing their articles-without which there could be no Journal. I would also like to thank all those Council Members who served on the Editorial Board over the years, without whose support and encouragement things would have been a lot harder. Thanks go in particular to Arthur Davies and his staff for all their practical help in distributing the finished product; and also the Starling Press for their guidance and high production standards. I wish all the best to my successor, Anna Tucker, until recently Curator of Abergavenny Museum, and hope that she will enjoy her time as Editor as much as I have. JANE PEARSON. March 1986