knowledge of those coalfields. He spent the two years 1838 and 1839 in Pembrokeshire and from this period come a series of his letter which are clearly a source of much interesting information about contemporary conditions there. The essay quotes some amusing advice he gave on the perils of staying in the local hostelries when the drovers were headed that way, which he concludes with "Mount your horse the moment they appear". In addition to the dated and signed surveys by MacLaughlan of this county in the B.M. it may be that there are others of his colleagues such as Dawson. I have a 2" plan of Usk, dated to about 1832, and signed "Robt. K. Dawson Lieut. R. E" but this I bought years ago in an antique shop. Letter to the Editor Dear Mrs Pearson Gwent County Library: Bibliography of Torfaen 1985 With reference to the review of this title in Gwent Local History No. 59, page 42, where it was stated that there are "inevitable omissions. the journal search has been less than thorough", perhaps your reviewer was unaware that this bibliography covered aspects that are peculiar to Torfaen, and that it is part of a much larger work which will cover the whole of the country. The "omissions" have been included in a section that is not yet ready for printing. Yours faithfully M FA Elliott County Librarian Gwent County Council