THE GWENT LOCAL HISTORY COUNCIL The Gwent (formerly Monmouthshire) Local History Council was set up in 1954 to encourage public interest in local history, to bring together societies and persons interested in the study of local history, to arrange lectures, publish the results of historical research and to take any other action which seems necessary. The Council is a federation of local societies established in the county together with individual members and its activities are controlled by an executive committee. These societies are autonomous and are not con- trolled by the Council. The Council arranges an annual One Day School and other lectures on appropriate occasions. To encourage the recording of topics of local history, the Council with the sponsorship of the South Wales Argus newspaper, has since 1957 organised a series of open competitions and much has been achieved in this way to encourage an interest in local history. One of the main activities of the Council is the publication of the magazine "Gwent Local History". This is published twice yearly and first appeared in 1958 as "Presenting Monmouthshire". The aim is to encourage the recording of local historical topics; many of the articles published are of a very high standard and all make valuable contribu- tions to the general store of historical knowledge. Membership of the Local History Council is open to all. The annual subscription is £ 3 for Individual Members and also £ 3 for Groups. Each subscriber receives a free copy of Gwent Local History (two publications a year), and is entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. If you would like to join the Council please contact the Secretary, Mr. Arthur Davies, at 8 Pentonville, Newport (Tel. 64653).