GWENT LOCAL HISTORY COUNCIL President: Richard Hanbury Tenison Secretary: Arthur Davies, 8 Pentonville, Newport, Gwent Editor: Mrs. Eija Kennerley, 25 The Orchard, Ponthir, Newport, Gwent, NP6 1GG GWENT LOCAL HISTORY No. 42 EDITORIAL Members of the public often ask: what is the Gwent Local History Council and what does it do? We try to give a short explanation. Every county has some central committee or council for local history and the nationwide central body is the Standing Conference of Local History, in London. Our own Local History Council was founded in the early 1950's and consists of the members who pay their subscription, £ 1.50. Its Executive Committee has at the moment 30 members and meets quarterly. These members are representatives of local history societies in the county, of private members, of local authority organisations etc., as can be seen from the list below. The Executive Committee organises the annual competition, sponsored by the South Wales Argus, as well as the one-day school. The local history societies give their activity reports at the meetings of the Committee and many kinds of topics connected with local history are discussed, e.g. museums and their maintenance, special projects and, of course, finance. The Editor of the journal gives her reports on the progress of the editing. The subscribing members (nearly 250) are welcomed at the Annual General Meetings which are held at a different place each year. At the AGM the members are encouraged to use their vote and generally to express their opinions and propose new ideas. The atmosphere at these meetings is free and friendly and both the official part and the speech by an invited speaker offer a lot of interest. Nowadays many travel far to the other side of the world and know a lot about distant countries. Do you know about your own county? Chairman: J. Lewis 1977