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IV, 2 (1985) CONTENTS EDITORIAL .1 HYWEL FRANCIS: Tribute to Will Paynter (1903-1984) 4 GERAINT H. JENKINS: The Early Peace Testimony in Wales 10 RUSSELL DAVIES: Inside the 'House of the Mad'. The social context of mental illness, suicide and the pressure of rural life in South West Wales c. 1860-1920. 20 JOHN WILLIAMS: Miners and the Law of Contract, 1875-1914. 36 DYLAN MORRIS: Sosialaeth i'r Cymry-Trafodaeth yr ILP (Socialism for the Welsh-the ILP Debate 51 BERT HOGENKAMP: Miners' Cinemas in South Wales in the 1920's and 1930’ 64 NEIL EVANS: Cardiff's Labour Traditions 77 ORAL HISTORY: MARTIN LAWN: Mark Starr, Socialist Educator. 91 RONDA HAUBEN: A Pioneer in Workers' Education: Mark Starr and Workers' Education in Great Britain. 96 SOURCES: PAUL O'LEARY: The Welsh Political Archive 101 REPORTS: Welsh Women Make History (Angela V. John) 103 News from the South Wales Miners' Library (Hywel Francis) 104 Llafur Activities in 1984 (Neil Evans) 105 NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS. inside back cover Front cover: Shunters with locomotive, Windsor Colliery, Abertridwr, around the time of the First World War. Left to right: William Barker, David Evans, driver's name unknown. David Evans (1874-1958) was a farm labourer from Bwllgwyn, Radnorshire, who came to work in the Aber Valley when the pits were sunk in the 1890's. He later became a coalmerchant, shopkeeper and haulage contractor. We are grateful to Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Evans of Senghenydd for permission to reproduce this photograph.