NEW OXFORD BOOKS FOR THE MUSIC LOVER GHORGE DYSON. The PROGRESS OF MUSIC. 5s. net. A remarkable general survey of the various functions of music through the ages. Pkkcy A. SCHOLES. THE Columbia HISTORY OF Music. Vol. Ill now ready. From Bach's Sons to Beethoven. Is. 6d. net. ALFRED CORTOT (translated by Hilda Andrews) French Piano Music. 7s. 6d. net. Notes by a master-interpreter on the piano- music of Debussy, Franck, Faure, Chabrier, and Dukas. CECIL GRAY. SIBFLIUS. 7s. 6d. net. Ernest Newman in the Sunday Times, 1/2/32 "A book that no one who is interested in contemporary tendencies can afford to miss. GORDON JACOB. ORCHESTRAL Technique. A concise manual of orchestration. 5s. net. The Music Teaeher, Feb. 1932: It covers the ground from A to Z and is rich in practical tips and in music examples each of which is explained step by step. Surely the Oxford Press has never issued a book which could so easily aud accurately be described as a gift at the price." OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 36, Soho Square, Oxford St., London, W.l THE PRAISE OF WALES LILIAN WINSTANLEY. Miss Winstanley has at length consented to publish a selection of the Poems which have given pleasure, in manuscript form, to a number of her friends, both Welsh and English. The praise of Wales and a delight in her rare beauty, give unity to a body of poetry of a range so extensive as to delight readers of widely divergent experience-the country lovers of Cardiganshire former students at Aberystwyth as well as those whose public life brought them into contact with such rare spirits as the late Principal Roberts and Mrs Arthur Williams. Of all Booksellers, or direct from the Publishers- THE WELSH OUTLOOK PRESS," NEWTOWN, MONT. Crown Qto. 2/6, or by post 2/9. I Welsh Home-Spun A Series of Studies of Rural Wales which maice an invaluable contribution to the social and economic history of the country delightfully told By R. ALUN ROBERTS, B.Sc., Ph.D. 112 pp. Demy 8vo., bound full cloth; price 2s 6d, postage 4d extra TVelsh Outlook Press, Ncwtown, or from any of the leading Booksellers. RECENT PRESS NOTICES. It is an absorbing story that every Welshman should read, and that which no Englishman will read without profit."—The Schoolmistress. "All interested in agriculture and rural lore, should obtain this eminently readable volume."—Border Counties Advertiser. "These studies were worth publishing in book-form and the volume deserves a hearty welcome on account of its interesting facts, its mellow wisdom, and the healthy patriotism that appears on every page.—Y-Brython. A MISCELLANY OF POEMS by