University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. The Session begins in September. Lectures commence early in October. Entrance Scholar- ships and Exhibitions, open to both male and female candidates above the age of 16, are offered for competition, the Examination for which will be held during April. Students are prepared for Degrees in Arts, Science (including the Applied Science of Agriculture), Law and Music. Men students reside in registered Lodg- ings in the town. Women Students reside in the Halls of Residence for Women. For full particulars apply to the General Secretary. Welsh School of Social Service. "Welfare of Youth in Wales," will be held in LLANDRINDOD WELLS in the Week AUGUST 19-24, 1929. Full particulars from the Hon. Secretary, EDWARD JONES, 22, High Street, Newtown, Montgomeryshire. PrifysgolCymru. University of Wales FIVE SCHOLARSHIPS, each of the annual value of £ 200 and tenable for two years, will be awarded in 1929 to Graduates of the University of Wales. Candidates for the Fellow- ships should send in their applications to the Registrar, University Registry, Cathays Park, Cardiff, not later than June 1, 1929. Further information may be obtained from the Registrar. University College of North Wales Bangor. (A Constituent College of the University of Wales). PRINCIPAL: D. EMRYS EVANS, M.A., B.LITT. THE SESSION OPENS ON OCTOBER 2ND, 1928. The College Courses are arranged with refer- ence to the Degrees of the University of Wales, including the B.D. (Theology). Students may pursue their first year of medical study at the College. There are special departments for Agriculture, Forestry, Electrical Engineering, and Music, and a department for the training of Elementary, Secondary, and Kindergarten teachers. At the Entrance Scholarship Examination (held annually in April) a number of Scholarships and Exhibitions varying in value from £ 40 to £ 10 is offered. For further information and copies of the various Prospectuses apply to W. P. WHELDON, Secretary and Registrar. The Queen's Hotel, ABERYSTWYTH. A.A. (Facing Sea). RA.C GARAGE FOR 60 CARS. PETROL, &c. Aberystwyth Golf Course within ten minutes of Hotel. LIFT TO ALL FLOORS. MANY are trying to solve the problem of Where to Stay from October to May. The Queen's Hotel, with its quiet, well ordered and homely comforts overcomes the difficulty for you. Please ask for our exceptionally low residential terms. It is probable that many of your friends would like to know whereto stay during these months. We can solve the problem for you and them. THE OAK ROOMS, FOR LUNCHEONS AND TEAS. REFINED AND COMFORTABLE. SEATING 150. THE CAMBRIAN COAST HOTELS Co., Ltd. Tel. 93. A. E. CHAPMAN, Manager. Grams, "Queen's, Aberystwyth."