"Y DDOLEN" Cylchgrawn Misol UNDEB Y CYMDEITHASAU DIWYLLIADOL CYMREIG A CHYMDEITHAS CYMRY IEUAINC LLUNDAIN (The Monthly Organ of the Union of Welsh Literary Societies, and the Young Wales Associa- tion of London). Guaranteed Circulation Not less than 2,500 copies per month. Published on the 15th of each month. Y Ddolen is a connecting link between all Sections of Welshmen in London, Wales, Eng- land, the Colonies, and America. It contains complete information of all Welsh movements in London. Each number includes Special Articles, in Welsh and English, by some of the best known writers on Welsh Subjects, and special attention is given to London Welsh Social Activities and Sports. Price 2d. per month (post free) 3d. Annual Subscription (post free) 2/6. Orders should be sent to:- FOYLE'S WELSH DEPOT, 16, MANETTE STREET, Charing CROSS ROAD, W.C.2. "St. David's Chronicle" The Bilingual Quarterly Magazine ot The Society of St. David. (Cymdeithas Dewi Sant). Single copy, 3d. post free, 4d. Annual subscription, Is. 3d. post free. Copies and all particulars from Hon. Gen. Sec., Miss A. M. HARDY, 16, Beechwood Road, Swansea. WELSH DRAMA LEAGUE. "CWERYONE interested in Native Drama and the Art of the Theatre generally, should join THE WELSH DRAMA LEAGUE (UNDEB Y DDRAMA GYMREIG), whose aims are to foster the development of the Drama in Wales, and to prepare the way for a National Theatre. The President of the League is Lord Howard De Walden, and the Chairman of the Council, Pro- fessor \V. J. Gruffydd. A Welsh Drama Library and facilities for hiring of stage costumes and equipment are being organised. Affiliation Fee (Dramatic Societies), £ 1 Is. per annum. Individual Subscription, 10s. 5d. per annum. Full particulars from the Joint Hon. Secs. T. O. JONES, CONRAD DAVIS, Gwynfor, St. Teresa, Caernarfon. Llangynidr Rd., Cardiff. "Y LLWYFAN", The Magazine of the League, is now on sale. Price Sixpence. UNDEB Y DDRAMA GYMREIG The Story of Two Welsh Parishes, DOLGELLEY AND LLANELLTYD By T. P. ELLIS, M.A. Welsh Outlook Press. 5/- nett; postage 6d. Please note the edition is limited.