of Welsh people occupy posts in England; but we should be surprised to hear of a single one of them appointed to any office, high or low, without some knowledge of the English language Apparently the Englishman's self-conceit blinds him to the obvious fact that, if it is just to compel the Welshman in England to learn English, it cannot be unjust to compel the Englishman in Wales to learn Welsh. SPACE will not allow of our dwelling upon the second of the big questions to which we alluded earlier, but we shall advert to it at no distant date. Meanwhile we gladly respond to a request made to us that we should give publicity The Vocalion Co. have also issued some good records. Of these the most pleasing is Handel's Sonata for two violins, played by d'Aranyi and Fachiri. Excellent also are the orchestral records of Chabrier's Espana Rapsodie, and of German's Nell Gwynn Dances. The Parlophone Co. maintains its high level of excellence in the complete recording of Bee- thoven's Spring Sonata, which it has just issued. Other very good records in its March programme are two songs from Strauss's Ariadne in Naxos, sung by Emmy Bettendorf, and two Wagner solos from Das Rheingold and Tannhauser, respectively, sung by Robert Burg. to an appeal which is being made to do honour to the memory of the poet Islwyn. Recently it became known to the Mon- mouthshire Branch of the Union of Welsh Societies that his old home at Ynysddu was for sale. The cost of the property would be about £ 2,000. It is proposed to pur- chase the house, and to convert it into a worthy memorial to one of the greatest of Welsh poets. An appeal is made to all who love Wales and its literature to sub- scribe to the fund. All donations should be sent to E. J. Rhys, Esq., Barclays Bank, Blackwood, Monmouthshire. We hope, and believe, that this appeal will fall on willing ears. THE GRAMOPHONE. The H.M.V. Co. have dealt almost too gener- ously with us in their two March issues of records, and the large number of excellent items is a serious strain upon the music lover's purse and the reviewer's pen. The most striking item is Beethoverv's Kreutzer Sonata, given complete, and played by Isolde Menges and de Greef. There is also a rendering of Mozart's beautiful Sonata in B Flat, by Hayward and Bourne. Further proof of the advance in choral recording is given by the record containing two choruses from the "Elijah." Of vocal records we must not fail to mention a superb rendering of "Erbarme dich" from Bach's "Matthew Passion," by Maartze Offers. Other records of note are-the Venus- berg Music, out of Tannhauser; Dvorak's Carnival Overture, and two of Chopin's Waltzes played by Pachmann.