and we may hope that its success will encourage Mr. Snaith to give us in the near future work which will be the real fulfilment of his early promise. The Story of Montgomeryshire. By J. E. Roberts, Newtown, and Robert Owen, Welshpool. Pp. 246. Cardiff The Educational Publishing Co. This is a school history and geography of Mont- gomeryshire which has been adopted by the Educa- tion Committee of the County. It is framed on lines now familiar to readers of the county geographies which have preceded it. There are chapters on the physical conditions and natural history of the county, and on its social and industrial history. There is a map and over fifty illustrations, most of them ad- mirable. If we are to pass any criticism on the volume it is that the indefatigable authors have erred in giving us too much rather than too little informa- tion for a book of this type, intended primarily for school use. They seemed to have been unwilling to omit anything. The arrangement, too, is defec- tive. Thus we have chapters on the natural divisions May 16th. At a meeting of the Montgomery County Council, Mr. Richard Jones, in supporting Mr. Hugh Lewis's plea for a Farm Colony in Wales for disabled soldiers said that to send Welsh soldiers to a colony in England "would be like sending the Jews to Babylon." The claim of Montgomery for a colony was urged on the ground (1) that the small holdings movement had been more successful in that county than in any other county in Wales (2) of its acreage and centrality. May 11th. At the War Agricultural Committee for Flintshire, Miss Helen Gladstone stated th^t in the Hawarden district the proximity of munition works where women earned good wages militated against the success there of the women-on-the-land movement Captain J. R. White, ex-Army Officer and son of the late Field Marshal Sir George White, was brought up in custody at the Aberdare Police Court. Counsel for the prosecution said that he had evidence to prove that prisoner came to Aberdare in support of a concerted scheme to get the Welsh miners out on strike if Conolly, the Dublin Sinn-Fein rebel, were shot. May 23rd. The President of the Local Government Board, in answer to Sir Herbert Roberts, gave the names of and on natural history with chapters in between these on railways and industries then, later, we have chapters on the history of the Montgomery Boroughs, followed by chapters on the early, and middle, and late history of the County as a whole. The effect is to give the impression of a book of reference rather than a book to read straight on. Considerable space is rightly given to the story of the famous men reared in the County. It is an inspiring list, not easily surpassed in Wales for variety. Among social reformers Robert Owen, S. R. J. R. and John Pugh of the Forward Movement among poets, divines, and scholars Ann Griffiths, Hugh Jones, Maesglasau. ldrisyn, Cynddelw, Mynyddog. 1 afolog. Gwallter Mechain among inventors and commercial pioneers William Pugh, Richard Roberts, Samuel Ellis, David Davies, and the Piercy brothers, who built railways at home and abroad among educationalists A. C. Humphrevs Owen. There are some misprints on pp. 225, 238, 239. SOCIAL OUTLOOK (Pages from an Observer's Diary.) the Commissioners for Wales to investigate cases of hardship arising out of the civil liabilities of soldiers. The Commissioners for Wales are Mr. Milner Jones, Mr. Evans Morris, and Mr. David Rhys. At the Risca District Council Mr. John Powell regretted that the council had hitherto failed to get land for allotments, as there were hundreds of applications. May 24th. The 1915 Board of Education report issued for Welsh Intermediate Schools. 22 schools are without a single Welsh book in the school libraries and most of the schools are situate in the quarry districts of the North and in the agricultural areas of the West. The number of pupils for 1914-15 reached a total of 15,202, as against 14,192 in the previous year. The Calvinistic Methodist figures for the year are as follow — Membership, 185,278, an increase of 435 a decline of 5.152 was registered in the number of scholars at the Sunday Schools. Collections for the ministry showed an increase of 13,566, making a total of £ 129.088. May 25th. The Prime Minister announced in the House of Commons that Mr. Uoyd George, at the unani- mous request of his colleagues," had undertaken to act as negotiator between the Irish parties in an effort to obtain a complete settlement affecting the