A WELSH FUSILIER ONE OF THE GUARDS WHO STAND AT THE BASE OF THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON S MONU- MENT AT HYDE PARK CORNER Drawn by f. Mervyn Pritchard, AJi.IJB.A., from the original by Boehm. The Royal Welsh Fusiliers will not be at a loss for a historian. Close at the heels of Mr. Avray Tipping's" History of the Regiment," reviewed in the January number, comes another volume by a well-known London Welshman, Mr. Howel Thomas, and published by Mr. Fisher Unwin. Mr. Thomas enters more into the domestic history of the Regiment than does Mr. Tipping but does not devote as much attention to the general history of the campaigns. The adoption of the chrono- logical form, though it lacks the attractiveness of a more vivid narrative style, adds to the value of the book as a source of information. One is enabled to trace the gallant deeds of the regiment year by year; to realise clearly the losses it suffered in every famous fight. The volume should command a large sale among all Welshmen, alike for its in- trinsic interest, its popular price, and the fact that all profits will be handed over to The Old Com- rades' Fund of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. It should be added that the book is well got up and illustrated by four plates showing the uniform of the Regiment at various dates and its historic Regimental Colours.