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of a distinct social service is being performed. The entry of the medical officer into the schools revealed woeful gaps and unexpected conditions. It has completely revolutionized the conception of the school as a cramming institution. The feeding of the child, the clothing of the child and even its temporary shelter in open air establishments, have opened out new vistas of school duties. In the same manner the investigation into the child's development and mental functions, the enquiry into the conditions of its school life, will enable the teacher and parent more completely to equip the child for its proper place in life. Thus, At last I am alone. I hear their feet Drag slowly down the gloomy, silent street, Until the fitful echoes die away. The house is very still. All through the day Sad figures stole along the stairs and wept, And whispered lying useless words to me Of Dawn and Resurrection then they crept Across the grey stone path, and through the gate. It is so still-and I am all alone. I dare not close my eyes for then I see Your gravely smiling face you seem to wait As you have always done, to welcome me. This fragrant room that once you called your own Speaks but of you. The pictures on the wall, The flowers, and books, the little Indian shawl Lying on the chair. Now I am here alone, And in my brain there is no thought nor fire, Only a vague monotonous desire To sleep. You were the sum of all the things That made my life. They wept vain foolish tears And told each other wisely that Time brings Some healing with the thoughtless patient years. I laughed at them. Oh God it is so still- I think some cord has broken in my brain. I hear the clock's dull sinister refrain, And wonder if this loneliness can kill- Aberystwyth. D. N. Bonarjee. instead of being pitchforked into the nearest job, the youth will be drafted into the work for which his own inclination and ability best suit him. Thus, too, the wastage of youthful effort, which accompanies the initial groping endeavours to gain a living, will be avoided and these energies directed into proper channels. Industry will profit in the acquisition of trained, capable, self-chosen workers, while the com- munity will benefit in producing citizens whose training has not been dwarfed or stunted by ignor- ance and mis-applied effort. Stanley H. Watkins. AFTERWARDS