WELSH EQUESTRIAN SEALS: ADDITIONS This note lists some Welsh equestrian seals examined since the publication of my article in 19841. The descriptions follow the style used in the previous article. 1 WELSH CADELL AP GRUFFUDD (d.1175), brother of the Lord Rhys (WG 1, Rhys ap Tewdwr 1) Grant to Totnes Priory, Devon, ?1146-54. S S white, varnished brown, orig. circular, c.60 mm. diam., badly imperfect, rubbed. Rider on horse-back, holds before him in left hand pointed shield and in outstetched right hand his sword; coat of mail seen, also stirrup and strap. Legend: FILII GR. Source: Devon CRO, Exeter, 312M/TY18; this charter was studied by David Crouch, 'The Earliest Original Charter of a Welsh King', BBCS, XXXVI (1989), 125-31. Photograph reproduced by permission.