The Journal of the National Library of Wales is published by the Council of the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, under the editorship of the Librarian. It is printed at the private press of the Library and two numbers are published each year. The main purpose of the Journal is to enable research scholars to publish articles or short notes based on the Library's resources. All correspondence should be addressed to the Librarian. Every contribution should be typed on one side of the page, using size A4 paper, double spacing and leaving a wide margin. Single quotation marks should be used, except when there is a quotation inside a quotation, when double quotation marks should be used. If the quotation is long it should be put in a separate paragraph and indented, and quotation marks are unnecessary. Quotation marks are not needed when quoting poetry. Reference to sources should be set out as shown below. A book Eilert Ekwall, English River-Names (Oxford, 1928), 207. E. E. Rich and C. H. Wilson, eds., The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, 4 (Cambridge, 1967), 273. An article C. J. Dunn, The barrows of east-central Powys', Archaeologia Cambrensis, 137 (1988), 27-42. Numerals In references to pagination, dates, etc., use the least number of figures possible, e.g. 30-1, 42-3, 132-5, 1841-5, 1960-1. The only exception is the group 10-19 in each hundred, e.g. 10-11, 16-18, 112-14,315-16. Unpublished thesis B. A. Smith, The influence of the RC Church on Anglican Doctrine' (Univ. of Leeds MA thesis 1936), 125-8. Manuscript -first reference When referring to National Library manuscripts it is not necessary to include Aberystwyth in the reference but the location of other libraries should be noted. It is important to note whether the number referred to is a page or folio number. Bangor, University College of North Wales, Penrhos MS 12, p. 28. but National Library of Wales, Peniarth MS 49, f. 22. and subsequently Penrhos 12, p. 28. Peniarth 49, f. 22.