CONTENTS PAGE THE KNIGHTS OF DOWNTON CASTLE Elisabeth Inglis-Jones 365 SIR BENJAMIN HALL IN PARLIAMENT IN THE 1850's Maxwell Fraser 389 NOTES ON THE ORIELTON CHANCERY PROCEEDINGS D. L. Baker-Jones 405 PENNANT AND THE 'PIRATES' Eiluned Rees G. Walters 423 ROBERT SOUTHEY AT MAES-GWYN, 1802 Chrystal Tilney 437 JOHN MORLEY AND THE CRISIS OF LIBERALISM, I894 Kenneth O. Morgan 451 NEWS AND NOTES: Welsh Country Houses and Castles, p. 466. ILLUSTRATIONS PLATES XV. II-XV. 12 Cylchgrawn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru The National Library of Wales Journal is published by the Council of the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, printed at the private press of the Library, and edited by the Librarian, to whom all communications concerning it should be addressed. It is issued twice a year, a Summer number appearing after the May meeting of the Court of Governors and a Winter number after its Annual Meeting which is held in October. As the main purpose of the Journal is to particularize the resources of the National Library of Wales the Editor will welcome contributions-articles or short notes-from persons who have availed themselves of those resources or have a specialist knowledge of them. The price per number is five shillings, plus postage. The price to subscribers is ten shillings per annum, post free. Subscribers are invited to use the banker's order provided. Supplements in Series I and II are issued free to subscribers of the Journal. Some past numbers of the Journal and Supplements are on sale in the Library.