due course, the petition was drawn up-with Ifano's name amongst the signatories-and presented by the Bishop of St. David's. Towards the end of 1922 we find Morgan becoming apprehensive about the fate of his appeal. On 11 February, 1923, he wrote to Ifano enclosing a list of signatures to the appeal, saying that he was not hopeful of success: 'You will see that I have kept aloof from Welsh Nationalist Circles. I have never depended on them; there are many of them who would not be sorry if they knew I was in need; in fact they have tried to prevent the circulation of my books and to belittle my work in every direction-and magnify their own.' Some six weeks later, in a letter dated 25 March 1923, Ifano learned that Bonar Law had refused a Civil List Pension, but, 'because of your services to literature and of the necessitous circumstances in which you find yourself,' the Prime Minister had granted Morgan £ 250 from the Royal Bounty Fund. Morgan was annoyed and offended at this refusal: 'Now the blunt significance of Bonar Law's decision is, that my literary works are such as not to justify a pension, and that what I get is pure charity on account of my straitened circumstances. He (Bonar Law) buries his head in the sand, wagging negations with his tail. I now know that I shall go into my grave without recognition'. It should be noted that both Vyrnwy Morgan and his wife often mention Ifano's disagreement on many points. Nevertheless, Morgan took full advantage of the librarian's knowledge of the book trade and of Welsh history and culture, and his considerable (albeit paid) assistance added appreciably to the value of Morgan's publications. The following is a list of Vyrnwy Morgan's main works: 1. The Life and Sayings of the late Kilsby Jones, 1896. 2. Kilsby Jones (Welsh version), 1896. 3. The Cambro-American Pulpit, 1899. 4. Theology at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century, 1900. 5. The Life and Works of the Rev. Edward Roberts, Cwmavon, 1904. 6. Welsh Religious Leaders in the Victorian Era, 1905. 7. Welsh Political and Educational Leaders in the Victorian Era, 1908. 8. The Welsh Revival of I904-A Critical Review, 1909. 9. A Study in Nationality, 191 1. 10. The Philosophy of Welsh History, 1914. 11. The Church in Wales in the Light of History, 19 18. 12. The Life of Viscount Rhondda, 1918. 13. The Bible in the Light of Modern Thought, 1922. 14. The Welsh Mind in Evolution, 1925. E. G. MILLWARD