CYLCHGRAWN LLYFRGELL GENEDLAETHOL CYMRU THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES JOURNAL VOLUME X. Winter, 1958. NUMBER 4. THE LETTERS OF ARTHUR JAMES JOHNES, 1809-71 (concluded) (PLATES X. 3-X. 4) 37 WILLIAM REES1 To A. J. JOHNES Llandovery. July 28 1843. DEAR SIR, The enclosed is Mr D. A. S. DavieS12 last reply respecting the County Courts Bill which please to return. It is evident that Mr Davies is favourable to the principle but as to your individual interests in connection therewith I cannot give any opinion, still I think that as you have Mr Rice Trevor's support you had better apply to Mr Davies letting him know by some means or other that Mr Rice Trevor will give you his support, and it will be more than probable that Mr Davies will follow in his steps. Mr Prichard's letter is very satisfactory & gratifying-am I to return the copy-or am I at liberty to extract a portion of it into the advertisement in the 'Haul' as many unsophisticated Welshmen are not aware of any doubts on the subject of the original unity of the Human Race. Believe me to remain Dear Sir Yours very faithfully WILLM. Rees. Enclosure [Copy] D. SAUNDERS DAVIES TO WM. REES My DEAR SIR, I send you the result of the communication I have had with Sir Jas. Graham on the subject of the Bill above named, which is as follows 'The Prayer of the Petition to which you allude is well worthy of attention, but I am afraid that I cannot so limit the discretion of the Crown as to introduce into the bill a clause of the character you describe'. 1 Printer and publisher at Llandovery (1808-73), responsible for the printing of the works of many of the clerical literary circle, and later of the Welsh Manuscript Society, Also started Yr Haul as an Anglican periodical. a M.P. for Carmarthenshire, 1842 until his death, 1857.