HONORED FATHER Your last letter was as comfortable as any letter on so melancholy a subject could be, the acct it gave me of my dear brother's funeral shewed you paid a kind & proper respect to his memory, when dead as you always proved an affectionate parent to us all; it gave me pleasure to hear the last sad offices to him were handsomely done, but there was no room to doubt it considering the dead Son & the living Parent. I am obliged to everyone who shewed good respect to his memory, & it warms my heart to think that he could not but receive it from good men I shall embrace ev'ry oppor- tunity to shew how dearly I held him, I'll get him a proper monument in Town & write his epitaph myself I hope my poor Sister is able to support her grief & should be glad to hear from her Pray remember my love to her & believe me to be HONORED FATHER The last letters from yourself & Sister were Welcome messengers to me, as they brought me the agreeable news of your being in pretty good health, God grant you a continuance of it; my own health thank God for it is good at present I am going to dine with Mr Wilkes today who gave me a kind Invitation last Sunday to eat Venison with him this afternoon he has amazing steadiness & resolution & his spirits are as good as his cause & surely none can be better than the defence of liberty Pray how long was my poor Brother sick? & who were the bearers beside the 6 you named viz Mr P. Pryse, Mr Wynne Mr Lloyd of Rhiwaedog2 Jack Edwards3 Roger Jones4 & Hugo Davies this or any other little circumstance relative to my dear deceased Brother would be very acceptable to Honored Father P.S. I believe the Union folks5 have a great curiosity to peep into letters for that reason it would not be amiss if you would put a little wax at the sides of yr letters. 1 In the King's Bench Prison. 2 William Lloyd of Rhiwaedog, near Bala, was a member of the Cymmrodorion in 1762, when he was at Jesus College. In 1764, he acted as Sheriff of Merionethshire. He died in January 1774. (Town and Country Maga- zine, 1774, p. 56; J. Y. W. Lloyd, op. cit., vol. VI, pp. 90-100; Goludyr Oes, cyf. 1, t. 128-130.) 3 John Edwards of Llanfor, Merionethshire, matriculated at Jesus College on March 22, 1763, aged nineteen. (Foster). 4 Roger Jones of Cefn Rug was a local magistrate. See Evan Lloyd's amusing letter to him, of 16.6.1774. 5 The Union Coffee House to which Lloyd's letters were sent. THE UNPUBLISHED LETTERS OF EVAN LLOYD (continued) Source: Copy. N.L.W. MS. 9644, p. 87. Address: The copyist writes, 'The original directed to John Lloyd Esqr Vron Nr Bala. Free J. Dunning'. Source: copy. N.L.W. MS. 9664, p. 89. Address: The copyist writes 'The original directed to John Lloyd Esqre Vron Nr Bala Free J. Dunning'. 51. To HIS FATHER Your Affectionate Son 52. To HIS FATHER Your Affectionate Son London Sept 10th 1768 E. LLOYD London Sept 13 th 1768 E. LLOYD