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NOTES 1 Appendix ad Rotulos Parliamenti. Temp. Edw. 2. Claus. Anno 15 Edw. 2, quoted in Hughes' A Histo,y of the Parliamentary Representation of the County of Cardigan (Aberystwyth, 1849), p. 1. 2 This documentary account is entitled: 'John Pughe Pryse Esqr and Company to Sundry Persons on Account of the Burgess at a Leet Court held at Cardigan the 5th of October 1767'. Although the account rendered does not total C 102. 13. 3d., this sum is entered in an endorsement which reads '5th & 6th Octor. 1767 Cardigan Election of a Mayor — £ 102. 13s. 3d.' 3 The National Library of Wales Journal, Vol. VIII, No. 1, pp. 94-6. 4 Journal of the House of Commons, Vol. 1, 1547-1628, p. 170. 5 Quoted by Meyricke The History of Cardiganshire, and others, this description is reputed to have been taken from a manuscript written about 1661, entitled 'A True Character of the Deportment for these eighteen years last past, of the principal Gentry within the Counties of Caermarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan, in South Wales'. 6 Journals of the House of Commons, 28 November 1690, pp. 486-7. 7 The Committee of Privileges and Elections submitted two resolutions to the House: 1. That the Adjournment of the Poll taken at the Election of a Knight of the Shire for the County of Cardigan, by the Sheriff of the said County, from Aberystwith to Cardigan is a legal and good Ad- journment. 2. That Sir Carbury Price, Baronet, is duly elected a Knight to serve in this present Parliament for the County of Cardigan. The House divided as follows: First resolution, For 152; Against 149. Second resolution, For 167; Against 166. 8 Journals of the House of Commons, 1708-11, Vol. XVI, pp. 12, and 267 seq. The extent to which losing candidates resented the loss of an election may be judged from the fact that no less than 20 petitions were received by the House on 24 November 1708. 9 Ibid., 1714-18, Vol. 18, pp. 40, 260, 391. 10 Williams, D: A History of Modern Wales (London, 1950), p. 159. 11 The occasion resulted in a series of articles in the Welsh weekly, Baner ac Amserau Cymru, November 6, 13, and 20, 1872, and were reprinted in a pamphlet entitled Chwipio Ceffyl Marw yn Ngheredigion (Dinbych, 1872). 12 A speech of Mr. Harford at the Hustings, Cardigan, on Friday, the gth February, 1849, upon the occasion of his being nominated as a fit and proper person to represent the Cardiganshire Boroughs in Parliament: to which is added a translation of the same into Welsh. (Aberystwyth, 1849). 13 At the Cardiganshire election of 1880 Mr. David Davies of Llandinam offered £ 1,000 to anyone who could disprove the secrecy of the ballot, thereby trying to alleviate the fears of many of the electorate. 14 The following extract from the editorial article of Baner ac Amserau Cymru, 23 December 1868, is character- istic of many references to Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart., which appeared in the Radical press of this period: 'Os dywedir fod scriw fawr y Castell Penrhyn a'r Faenol yn erbyn y Rhyddfrydwyr yn sir Gaemarfon; felly yr oedd yma [yn sir Aberteifi] y Trawsgoed a Nanteos, a phob boneddwr o ddim dylanwad, oddi eithr Syr Pryse Pryse, a dau neu dri eraill 15 In a letter from Woodstock, on 3 November 1743, Walter Pryse informed his nephew Thomas Pryse, M.P., that I think Sir John [Philipps] told me that whoever comes in even with his Interest must expend 1000 or more it having cost Sir Erasmus [Philipps, Bart., of Picton Castle, M.P. for Haverfordwest 1718-43] 2000 last Election, as he tells me, a Dear purchase for a Seat in Parliamt.'