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Lampeter: Eliza Jones Wine for 2 sick voters. 0 10 0 Newcastle Emlyn: Methusalem Evans Gunpowder for chairing day o 16 o Cardigan: Rev. Wm Roberts On account of travelling 5 0 0 Baptist Minister And has he conquered? yes, he has conquered all, Proclaim him ours with a joyful heart; The Tory 'Junta' had another fall- Their leader now may home again depart. Mysterious Copeland first assailed our right, We never knew who this intruder was; He in his vizard shew'd but little fight, And prov'd himself to all a 'learned' ass. Did every ass but follow Copeland's plan, It would be an act extremely wise I think, For PRYSE GOGERDDAN is the people's man, And golden promises will not make them wink. Shall strangers, represent our Borough boys? NEVER.-And such attempts are all a farse, Ape-like, on high, one may cause little noise, But, the higher he climbs the more he shows his arse. He of the 'Inquiry', and the 'Blue book' fame, Was shunn'd, refused, and rightly so indeed; And he that knows so well the 'Poll-book' game, In spite of all, again fail'd to succeed. s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. APPENDIX II THE VICTORY OF GOGERDDAN 'The struggle is over, over, over; The struggle is over the victory is won'. Scottish song.