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Justification will under his Hand fully promise you to promote & preserve the Gogerthan Interest, till Master Pryse comes of Age, & then be ready to resign the Burroughs to him, that he has our Consent to represent it, & we hope will meet with no Opposition from the rest of the Trustees. And as to Mr. Lloyd of Peterwell he is a Stranger to us but if upon consulting Gogerthan Friends you are sensible that 'tis for the Interest & Quiet of the County that he should be countenanc'd by Gogerthan, you may waite on him, & assure him of our Votes and Interest. Be pleas'd to com- municate the contents hereof to the rest of Mr. Pryse's Trustees, & make us thouroughly acquainted with their Sentiments on these Heads.- Sr Watkin would write himself would the Business of Elections permit him, & hopes 'tis a sufficient excuse for not doing it. pay our Respects to Sr John & Mr Gwyn, accept the same yourself & believe me to be Your Friend & Servt J. LLOYD. I am surprized at your Neglect in writing to me, & can't help saying I am displeas'd at it. pray answer my Last Letter, & make me a Remittance soon; or I shall be obliged to do what will be disagreeable to me. Having once sent a representative to Parliament no family was prepared to forego that honour easily, as is revealed in a letter dated April 14, 1796, from Lord Lisburne to Edward Loveden Loveden of Buscot Park and Gogerddan, wherein he complains: I feel not a little mortified by the offers you mention to have been made to your son Mr Pryce Loveden to support his pretensions as a Candidate for the County of Cardigan at the General Election. however to be as Candid & explicit with you as possible I cannot relinquish the distinguished Honor myself & Family have for such a series of years enjoyed without taking the sense of the County & offering them the Services of my Son Lieut. Col. Vaughan. it was certainly not my intention to have disturbed the Peace of the County at so early a period. I therefore the more lament the sentiments that have been avowed as they infallibly lead to consequences which are very obvious. After this explanation you are well aware I can have few observations to make except that it would have afforded me sensible gratification if our Interests & views had not interfered While the Gogerddan family was doubtless roused to political activity on occasion in defence of the family honour, and because of the distinction which came from close association with the central government, it was never reactionary. The spirit of justice and generosity so loudly proclaimed by the Welsh poets had a profound practical effect on the historic election of 1868. Yet, none of the