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The first, dated at Westminster 21 June 1290, grants to Geoffrey Clement the commot of Pennarthe in the county of Cardigan, in fee simple, subject to the rendering by the hands of the constable of the castle of Lampadar (i.e. Aberyst- wyth) 60s yearly; provided that he and his heirs with his men and tenants of the commot come at the summons of the King, his heirs and justices, or the persons supplying their places, in the expeditions into Wales, when necessary, as often as they shall be summoned for all suits, services, and demands. The second, dated at Darlington, 15 May 1292, releases the said Geoffrey Clement from the annual rent of 60s, but still retains the services on all expeditions into Wales. The third of the letters patent referred to, was dated at Westminster 28 January 1318, in favour of Geoffrey son of the above-named Geoffrey Clement, inspecting and confirming two charters of which the first, dated at Bristol, 27 December 1284, was a gift to Roger Mortimer (Roger de Mortuo Mari) of the land of Geneu'r Glyn extending as follows: 'between Redhyr and the river Gogerthan to Aber Candoure, and from that place to Helegenwendith and from thence to Thleve- nant and from Thlevenant to Devy and thence to the sea, and from the sea to Elery, and from Elery to the old mill and thence to the river called Redepenne and from the Rydepenne to Redecastel and from that place by the road to Redhyr, to hold to him and his heirs saving to the King the four pleas of the crown and estovers and all necessaries to be taken from the wood of Lyscoyt for the castle of Lampader, by doing service of half a Knight's fee The second charter to be confirmed was that of Llewelyn son of the said Roger Mortimer, dated at Cardigan on the Tuesday after the Feast of St. Peter ad Vincula [August 1] 1294, granting to Geoffrey Clement and his heirs for the sum of £ 40 and three carucates of land in Coedmaur [Coedmor] all the lands and tenements in the commot of Geneu'r Glyn specified above. The second [No. 2] of the three deposited documents is an inspeximus and confirmation in favour of John, son and heir of John, son of Griffin son of Robert Clement, brother and heir of Geoffrey Clement, son of Geoffrey Clement, of letters patent dated 27 October 1400, which in turn refers to the inspeximus of 20 October 1334 mentioned above. The third deposited deed [No. 1] is a covenant, dated 3 April 1568, by John Wogan, Esq., of Wyston, co. Pembroke, and Dicell, his wife, to levy to John Pryse of Gogerthan, a fine of the manor of Geneu'r Glyn. These deeds do not answer the queries of how, when and why the family of John Pryse settled at Gogerddan, but mention of them here may help to clarify the position later. One of the most important of the antecedents of the Pryse family was Rhydderch ab Ieuan Llwyd of Parc Rhydderch in the parish of Llanbadarn Odyn. He was a man of some affluence and influence during the latter half of the four- teenth century, who held the office of 'bedellus' in his native Cardiganshire in 1387. Unfortunately there appears to be a conflict of opinion even among the more re- liable pedigrees as to his immediate family. According to Dwnn, Heraldic Visi- tations, I, 45, 85, Rhydderch ab Ieuan Llwyd ab Ieuan ap Gruffudd Foel married