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and infirme of body providing before remedys ageinste the ferefull oure of dethe in the trewe feythe of Jhu' criste ordein and make my testamente and last will in fourme and manner succeding ffurste and before all thinges I bequeth my sowle unto almighty god the owner maker and Redemer of the same And my body to cristen buryall I bequeth to the fabrick of the Cathederall Churche of Sainte David iiiis iiiid Itm to the ffather of sainte pat'ne is churche vis viiid Itm fabric ecclie' de llan ychayarn iiis iiiid Itm ecclie' de llan Elar iiis iiiid Itm ffabric ecclie' de llan vychangell castell gwallter iiis iiiid. Itm ffabric ecclie' de llan vychange gelynride iiis iiiid Itm I bequeth to my wedded wyfe a Doyre conteyning xx kyne and [lxxx] shepe which be in the custody of morgan Dew Itm to my sayde wyfe a myll, willing my executors to make her wth xx nobles of yerely rent wt the myll upon the tenements Itm to my sayde wyfe the rentes of the ten'ts called crygie and xl shepe be wt Jankyn ap R' ap Gwelym Itm the rent of lln ap Jankyn here is howse and the howse wherein Ieu'n ove did dwell to abyde in during her lyfe and all my howsholde stuff and she to take unto her charge and tuition John ph' Elizabeth ph. and Anne v'z ph' and after my sayde wyffs dayes I will the sayde howshold stuff shall remayn unto the asyde John Eliz' and Anne Also I bequeth to Sir Thomas Elon' my spyrytuall fader iiii Itm to Sir gr ap dd xxs Itm to my son lewis my purchess in mach'nlleth as the state mencyoneth to my sayde son by me delivered and made Itm to Elizabeth my dowghter iiii Kyne and xx shepe To the working of the bridge at Berystwth xxs Itm I will that xiii torches and xv tapers be made to the honowr of god to light my bury- ing. The Residew of my goods not bequethed I give and bequeth to Richarde ph' John ph' and morgan ph' my nepotts whome I ordeine and make my executors to leve my dettes and to pay my legaces aforseyde to the honowr of god and the welth of my sowle And sup'visors ov' them I ordein phelip Willm my son and Richard ap R' dd lloyd Thees wittnes being present Sir Thomas Elon' my curat Sir morgan vychan Sir gr ap dd John ap gwelim wt many other. The Pryses of Gogerddan traced their lineage back to Gwaethfod, Lord of Cardigan (d. 1057). Their arms were: Or a lion rampant reguardant sa.; the family crest-a lion rampant reguardant sa., holding between the paws a fleur-de-lis or; and their motto Duw a'n bendithio (May God bless us). As far as is known at present there is no positive proof as to when the family actually settled at Gogerddan, or for that matter when the Plas was originally built. The earliest known deed [No. 3] (dated 20 October 1334) which includes the place name and refers to lands in the neighbourhood that may possibly have formed the nucleus of the estate, is one of three deposited at the National Library some years before the main corpus of deeds and documents was acquired. It is an inspeximus and confirmation in favour of Robert, brother and heir of Geoffrey son of Geoffrey Clement, of three letters patent.