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should be transacted in the said our Burgh of Lampadar We command you that you cause the aforesaid Market to be publickly proclaimed and strictly to be forbidden on our part that no one under our jurisdiction shall negotiate any merchandise in our aforesaid land except in bread and hire- ing servants and other victuals in our said Burgh bought in the gross which being first bought according to the custom of the country may be lawfully sold Given by Walter Hakelut our Justiciary at Carmarthen Chancellor of South Wales and West Wales under our seal on the 4th day of August in the 33rd year of the reign of our father King Edward We also the said concessions and confirmations as well of our great great grandfather and great grandfather as our grandfather aforesaid the same ratifications possessions and grants of our especial favor and by the assent of our Council for us and our heirs as far as in us lieth accept approve ratify and the same to our beloved Burgesses of the aforesaid Vill and their heirs and successors we concede and confirm as the aforesaid charter strictly testifies; Willing to extend our gracious favor to the aforesaid Burgesses we have granted to them for us and our heirs as far as in us lieth that it be lawful for them or their predecessors Burgesses of the aforesaid Vill in any one or any number of the liberties or freedoms contained in the said charters on any emer- gency which they have not up to that time used that they nevertheless and their heirs and successors Burgesses of the said Vill the liberties and freedoms in the aforesaid charters fully enjoy and use without any let or hindrance of us or our heirs of our Justiciary Escheators Viscounts or other Bailiffs or their deputies whatsoever And moreover as a further mark of our favor we have granted for us and our heirs as far as in us lieth to our aforesaid Burgesses of our aforesaid Burgh which is in the County of Cardigan in South Wales that neither they themselves nor their heirs and successors at any time shall be convicted by any law suits under any appeals of rights injuries transgressions crimes calumnies or demands whatsoever imposed on them or to be imposed on them within the aforesaid County or the County of Carmarthen but by Burgesses of the aforesaid Burgh or by English Burgesses of the same counties and that they or their heirs and successors have our protection and that of our heirs in all things touch- ing the Burgesses of the same Burgh for the time being and who live within the same Vill. So that no Deputy Bailiff or other Minister of us or our Heirs shall enter that town to execute any of their powers to be done there unless for the defense of the Bailiffs of the same town and that the same Burgesses and their heirs and successors without any obstruction have common pasturelfor their animals and right of estovers of housebote and haybote with of the country round about the aforesaid town in the same of pastures and feedings as the same Burgesses and their pre- decessors common and estovers in their pastures and feedings ought to have, and from the time of the conquest of Wales made by our aforesaid great great grandfather the same common and estovers they have been accustomed to have.