and exactions throughout our whole dominions as well in England as in all our other territories. And we grant that our aforesaid Burgesses of Lanbadar have freely all other liberties and Freedoms throughout our whole territories as our Burgesses of Montgomery have. We will more- over and grant to our aforesaid Burgesses of Lanbadar that they have every year without any preventions two fairs in the aforesaid Burgh namely one at the Pentecost to last four days namely on the eve the day and two days following and the other on the feast of Saint Michael and six days following and one market there on Monday in each week with all liberties and customs to such fairs and markets belonging We will moreover that all merchants of our land and merchants of other lands which are at peace with us and bring their merchandise to the aforesaid Burgh and tarry there and depart from thence have liberty to come stay and retire as well by water as by land and that they have free ingress into our territories and free egress out of our territories without any impediment of our Bailiffs and others by conforming to due and right customs Wherefore we will and firmly resolve that the aforesaid Vill of Lanbadar be a free Burgh and that they have two fairs every year at the Pentecost and Feast of Saint Michael and one market every week on a Monday and that they have liberties and freedoms aforesaid without impediment well and in peace free and in quiet fully and entirely as is aforesaid the liberty of our City of London being safe To which are witnesses the venerable fathers R. Bath and Wells and Th. Hereford Bishops William de Valence uncle for Henry de Lacy Earl of Lincoln Roger de Mortimer Anthony de Bek Archdeacon of Dunholm Hugh son of Otto Walke de Helynn Richard de Bosto and others Given under our hand at Westminster on the 28th day of December in the 6th year of our reign We also the aforesaid concessions ratifications possess- ions and grants for us and our heirs as far as in us lieth grant and confirm to the aforesaid Burgesses of Lanbadar and their heirs and successors as the aforesaid charter fully testifies and as the same Burgesses their pre- decessors and liberties and freedoms contained in the aforesaid charter have fully used and enjoyed to which are witnesses the Venerable fathers J. Wynton our Chancellor J. Ely and W. Norwich Bishops Thomas Wake Henry de Percy and others Given under our hand at Eltham on the 28th day of March in the 5th year of our reign. We have also inspected the Charter of our Lord Edward formerly Prince of Wales our greatgrandfather made in these words Edward son of the illustrious King of England Prince of Wales Earls of Chester Pont and Montreuil to all Bailiffs and their deputies in upper Aeron greeting Because at the celebration of the Pente- cost in our Lampadar in our general council at London lately proposed which under our private seal was signified to our Justiciary of South Wales we have sent to be proclaimed We have ordained that a market be held at Lampadar every week on a monday according to the tenor of the charter of our Burgesses and granted by our Lord the King our Father and that all buying and selling by water from the river Ayron to the river Dovey