WELSH AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS [Readers of this Journal will recollect that the Summer, 1942, issue was given over entirely to matters of Welsh-American interest, and that a list was included of Welsh Newspapers and Journals in the United States The list was compiled by Mr. Idwal Lewis of the staff of this Library, and is based mainly on our own hold- ings together with the references given by T. M. Jones (' Gwenallt ') in his Llenydd- iaeth fy Ngwlad (Treffynnon, 1893). We are pleased to be able in this issue to supplement the information given in that list with the following valuable contribution by Mr. Bob Owen. An asterisk before a title in the list below indicates that there is a file in the National Library of Wales of that particular periodical or newspaper, and the issues contained in the Library's file are indicated within square brackets. -Editorial note]. YR ADLAIS. 1894-5. A periodical for the use of the Welsh Americans, published by P. M. Evans Co., Chicago. YR ADOLYGYDD CHWARTEROL. 1852. A Welsh quarterly review. The first number was issued in the summer of 1852, and was edited by John W. Jones, Utica, N.Y. The price was one dollar per annum. The pages of this review were confined mostly to matters relating to Art and Science. *YR AELWYD (The Hearth). 1926-1934. [1933-March, April]. A periodical of four pages to each number, published partly in English and partly in Welsh by the Presbyterian Church, Moriah, Utica, N.Y. YR AFON. Sometime before 1871. A periodical published by the Welsh Baptists of the U.S.A. As far as I know, however, there are no copies available in Public Libraries either in America or in Great Britain. YR AMSERAU. 1862- A newspaper published for the Welsh in Utica, N.Y. It only lasted a few months, and I know of no existing copies. Anthemydd SOLFFA. ? ?i868-i87o-? A monthly organ published for the Welsh musicians of the U.S.A., under the editorship of Isalaw similar to the one that was published in Wales. I have not seen a copy, but it is mentioned in a newspaper scrap-book as having been published in the United States during the years above-mentioned,