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21. THE GLYNLLIVON DEEDS, DOCUMENTS, AND PAPERS. This collection, deposited in 1935, by the Trustees of the late the Hon. F. G. Wynn of Glynllivon, is closely associated through ties of blood with the two preceding collections described in this series. The three groups touch one another at several places, and, together, they cover the land records of a large pro- portion of the area of North Wales. The Glynllivon muniments contain the records of that estate, together with those of Bodvean, Maenan Abbey or the Abbey, and Melai. The following skeleton pedigrees show how these estates became amalgamated BODVEAN GLYNLLIVON Thomas Wynn, son of = Elizabeth, dau. of Owen Thomas Glynne, high = Catherine dau. and John Wynn, Griffith ap Morris of sheriff of Anglesey 1584. heiress of John ap who was standard Plas Du. Richard Morris of bearer at Norwich Glyn, Llanfwrog. in 1549. I I John Wynn, = Elin, dau. of Sir William Glynne, = Jane, dau. of John Griffith d. 1635. Edward Rowlands high sheriff of of Caernarvon. of Mellteyrn. Anglesey, 1597. Thomas Wynn = Susan dau. of Thomas Glynne, high = Ellen, dau. and d. 1673. Sir Francis Dayrell sheriff of Caernarvon- co-heiress of Owen ap shire, 1622. Robert ap Owen of Griffith Wynn Catherine dau. of John Glynne, = Elizabeth dau. of Sir d. 1680. William Vaughan high sheriff Hugh Owen of Orielton. of Corsygedol. of Caernarvonshire, Sir Thomas Wynn, bart., = Frances, DEPOSITED COLLECTIONS I. Bodafon y Glyn in Anglesey. 1668-9. I d. 1749. sole heiress. Sir John Wynn = Jane, heiress of Melai 2nd bart. and Maenan Abbey. See III below.