NEWS AND NOTES 'A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WELSH AMERICANA'. This number of the Journal being concerned wholly with the subject of' Wales and the United States of America it seemed desirable to the Editor to publish with it, as a special supplement and in addition to the usual instalment of the Handlist of Manuscripts, A Bibliography of Welsh Americana' by the late Henry Blackwell of New York which now forms N.L.W. MS. 9278. Arrangements were made accordingly and the Bibli- ography appears as Supplement Number 1 in Series III. The nature and scope of Blackwell's Bibliography' are described by Mr. William Williams, Keeper of Printed Books in the National Library, in an Introduction'. Mr. Williams suggested, and the Editor agreed, that it should be printed exactly as Blackwell left it, except for necessary verbal corrections. It is therefore published as Blackwell's own work, and should be regarded as such. This does not by any means imply that the labours of Mr. Williams, who saw the work through the press, have been purely nominal. The Bibliography', when it reached the National Library many years ago, was in slip form, and the compilation of it had been in progress over a long term of years; it was, therefore, necessary to check the order of the slips, to make the arrangement of the entries uniform throughout, and to prepare it in many other ways for publication. Blackwell did not maintain that his' Bibliography was complete. Nor does it appear that, book-collector though he was, he had owned or examined all the works which he describes. Yet, even as it stands, the Bibliography provides a most useful basis for future additions and corrections. The Editor of the journal would, therefore, like to take this opportunity of appealing to librarians and bibliographers in America and elsewhere for information relating to works omitted or perhaps not quite correctly described by Blackwell. W. LL. DAVIES. THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AND WELSH LITERATURE. The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., issued on St. David's Day, 1935, a facsimile reproduction of a list entitled r Cymry yn America (The Welsh in America) references to literature available in the Library of Congress. The list had been compiled in the office of the Superintendent of the Reading Room. The Welsh collection in the Library of Congress is fairly extensive, and includes most of the Welsh books, periodicals, and articles of Welsh interest published in America even the Library of Congress, however, does not possess complete files of such Welsh-American periodicals as The Cambrian, Cyfaill o'r Hen Wlad yn America, etc. An interesting section of the list is that which enumerates Welsh contributions to American institutions, culture, industry, and military and political history. The list of references to Welsh immigration and settlements in America consists of two sections, the first dealing with such questions as the supposed Welsh discovery of America, the Madoc tradition, and the alleged existence of Welsh Indians. The other section, by far the more extensive portion of the list, deals with the Welsh settlements and 1 For reference to other compilations by Henry Blackwell see Journal, I, pp. 51-2.