Literary pursuits, especially poetry, were not neglected. r Bardd (Minersville), and r Ford Gron (Scranton), for short periods made some provision for those with literary interests. Seren Oneida, Cyfaill yr Undeb, and Υr Amserau were published to further the cause of the Democratic Party amongst the Welsh people in the United States but these too survived for only a very short period. What is important in connection with the following list is that, apart from the immediate purpose of their appearance, the files of the newspapers and periodicals are indispensable to any student making research into the history of the Welsh in the United States. The number of newspapers in the list is 11, printed at the following places Scranton 2 New York 4 Utica 2 Pittsburg I Emporia, Kansas 1 Jackson, Ohio I The number of periodicals is 33 and the following list shows (i.e. counting their first imprints only) how widely they were distributed Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 Pittsburg, Pa. 2 Chicago I Pottsville, Pa. 1 Cincinnati, Ohio 2 Remsen, N.Y. 2 East Palestine, Ohio I Rome, N.Y. I Hyde Park, Luzerne Co. 1 Scranton, Pa. 3 Minersville, Pa. 1 Utica, N.Y. 7 New York 8 Youngstown, Ohio 1 Oshkosh, Ohio I In the following list the periodicals are arranged according to the date of the first issue of each periodical: 1834 Cyfaill o'r Hen Wlad yn America 1871 Yr rmwelydd 1840 r Cenhadwr Americanaidd 1872 Blodau yr Oes a'r Ysgol 1842 r Beread 1872 r Glorian 1843 Y Dyngarwr 1876 Y Wawr 1844 Y Seren Orllewinol 1880 The Cambrian 1848 Haul Gomer 1881 Υr Eryr 1850 r Detholydd 1881 r Pregethwr a'r Esboniwr 1853 Y Cylchgrawn Cenedlaethol 1889 The Daylight 1856 r Golygydd 1894 rr Υmdrechydd 1857 r Tracthodydd yn America 1897 The American Celt 1858 rr Arweinydd 1897 r Lamp 1858 r Bardd 1901 Pwlpud y Bobl 1864 r Pwlpud Cymreig 1910 The Messenger 1867 r Ford Gron 1914 Cambrian Gleanings 1868 r Wasg 1929 Welsh American Magazine 1870 Yr rsgol 1938 The Celtic Digest 1871 r Negesydd